Agent Assist Goal Planner and Analysis


  1. Hi Brad,
    I am a new eXp agent out of San Diego(Oceanside) area. I wanted to know if this software is available for free for eXp agents. Thank you!

  2. The software is not free, however we do teach the formula’s and process for creating your own agent goal planner. The secret formula behind the spreadsheet that uses the NAR matrix of contacts, appointments, and closings is the key. We do goal setting classes for eXp Agents every Monday morning in eXp World at eXp Realty.

  3. It wasn’t then, but now it is today!! Donations accepted of course 🙂

  4. Today you can access and download the program using the Google DFrive spreadsheet link I’ve shared all across the site. You can no longer purchase the program, but donations are appreciated and accepted.

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