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Agent Assist is a straightforward application that has allowed me to not only create a road map to obtain my goals, but it has also allowed me to track my business in ways that have built wealth beyond my imagination. By tracking my sales in Agent Assist, I now know where to invest my marketing dollars for the very best returns. Agent Assist is a MUST-HAVE tool if you’re in Real Estate!

MaryAnne Culpepper – Coldwell Banker


I recently had the good fortune to meet Brad Andersohn. It was truly an amazing learning experience for me. The primary topics at hand were constructing my business plan for 2008 and growing my business into the future. Brad has written a full suite of software products that directly and intuitively take you down the path of your future business activities and projected results. He breaks the tasks down into monthly, weekly, and daily activities. Once one or several deals get done, the program updates and recalculates new target levels for contacts, appointments, and closings needed to stay on target with your original plan.

Brad’s schedules allow flexibility in terms of client contact whether it be thru emails, notes, visits, or phone calls. He and his company go into great detail in assisting agents with farming and building meaningful databases.

Brad’s grasp of blogging, websites, and all the interrelated parts of that segment of marketing is unparalleled.

My description of Brad’s ideas and products does not do justice to the value they have immediately added to my outlook, attitude, and renewed enthusiasm to get my plans put into action. Hats off to a real Pro — and yes, this is a direct, hard-core recommendation for you to contact him and REALLY grow your biz.
Business Plans for REALTORS® and Growth Into the Beyond

Douglas Moore – Alain Pinel Realtors

Agent Assist 5.0 Agent Planning Software

jeff-coros.jpgI found a great new tool for real estate agents called AGENT ASSIST 5.0. This program is a full-featured planning tool for agents. It allows agents to plan for success. It is great to want to be successful. However, if you do not have a map to get you where you are spinning your wheels. It allows you to plan for future success based on your current results. Brad Andersohn developed the product. You owe it to yourself to check it out.

Jeff Coros – Century 21 Team LTD

Part III of The “Goal Setting” Series

“IMHO Agent Assist is one of the best tools any real estate agent could have to keep them on track. Brad offers a 100% guarantee and the cost of the program is only $39.95.  This is not an advertisement for this product and I do not make a dime by telling you this.  Agent Assist just happens to be one of the best tools I have seen in thirty years of selling and teaching to help keep an agent on track. It utilizes the exact principles I have implemented with agents who became “rookies of the year.”

Carra Riley CRB, CRS, GRI – Real Estate Consultant, Author, Speaker

It looks great. I watched the Demo. While I already use a spreadsheet concept like this, it’s attractive graphics will save me a lot of time.  Very robust workbook, Brad! Well done!

Cliff Perotti – ZipRealty, Inc.- San Francisco/Peninsula District Director

Brads’ Agent Assist program has helped many of our Agents to focus on goals, track production, and watch expenses in their Real Estate business. As independent contractors, my agents need the tools and services that will help them become successful, Agent Assist has been an integral part of helping them to focus and achieve their goals.

Stan Popovich – Century 21

I love Agent Assist. My favorite tool I use almost daily is the “Buyers Cost Sheet” and the “Estimated Sellers Proceeds.” These have helped me and my clients on numerous occasions, especially on the weekends when the title companies are closed and there is no one to provide this information. What a powerful program and a huge asset to me and my business!

Jonathan Nishii – RE/MAX Realtors

Brad, Thanks for the awesome tools! I’m not too good about goal setting, so this looks like it will be a wonderful help!

Deborah Engel, San Diego Homes & Property

Brad, oh my goodness! That is one incredible program you have there! I wasn’t even aware that Excel could be made to look like that. You have knocked my socks off completely. I am very impressed. Thank you so much for sharing with us your real estate and property programs or even remodeling services, navigate here to find out more about this. Your program and I have a date next week for some needed goal fine-tuning. I’m sure I’ll be in touch with you to give you great feedback on it. Thanks again!

For more remodeling services, check out how to remodel your kitchen without getting broke to know more.

Maggie Dokic ~ Miami Real Estate Broker-Associate

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  1. It’s great to get comments like these. We now have users of Agent Assist in nearly all 50 states and Canada. We’re working on a new release that will feature listing and sales tracking time lines. We will also be adding a new modules for the conversion wizard. The online upgrade will be coming in 2013.

    The Agent Assist Team!

  2. Brad, enjoyed your seminars at the Polo Grill yesterday – it was awesome. Is the upgrade available on line at this time? If so, what is the cost etc.

    Barbara Edwards
    Bradenton, Fl.

  3. Thank you Barbara – the only version currently available if you don’t want to create your own is right here. I’ll give you the direct link to get the most current copy available: https://agentgoalplanner.com/order/

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