Agent Assist – A Carra Riley Testimonial

From Carra Riley’s post on ActiveRain Real Estate Network
Carra Riley CRB, CRS, GRI – Real Estate Consultant, Author, Speaker

“We started talking about goal setting and I found out that Brad actually designed a program which calculates exactly what I am describing in this post. The program, available online helps agents identify what they need to do to create a specific amount of income. It is identical to what I have done by hand for years. The program is called Agent Assist and has to be one of the most comprehensive and USER FRIENDLY programs I have seen to help an agent stay on track. I will be discussing more about the how to’s of the program in part 3 of this 4 part series in Business Planning and the mechanics are the same but with the computer tracking it makes the entire process much less complicated and easy to track and be accountable.”

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Part III of her “Goal Setting” series.

“Brad Andersohn has a program called Agent Assist which calculates exactly how many people you have to see each day answering the questions above.  He has amazing formulas based on the information you provide, as to how much you are willing to work.  His program has a tracking system where you will know what percentage of your business comes from what prospecting activity and can modify your advertising to reflect where your source of business comes from.”

“IMHO Agent Assist is one of the best tools any real estate agent could have to keep them on track. Brad offers a 100% guarantee and the cost of the program is only $29.95.  This is not an advertisement for this product and I do not make a dime by telling you this.  Agent Assist just happens to be one of the best tools I have seen in thirty years of selling and teaching to help keep an agent on track. It utilizes the exact principles I have implemented with agents who became “rookies of the year.”

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