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It takes contacts to get appointments, it takes appointments to close real estate transactions. Period! Using the National Association of REALTOR® matrix and law of numbers average, we reverse engineered the ultimate real estate financial goal planning program.


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If you’re serious about your real estate business, if you have bills to pay and commitments to creditors and collectors, if you want to cultivate, capture and convert more leads and prospects into clients for life, then download AGP today and we’ll help you meet or exceed your real estate financial goals. We’ll make sure your daily tasks align with your goals.

The Agent Assist Real Estate Financial Goal Planner will work for Any Agent or Broker in Any Geographic area regardless of demographics or market conditions and experience. This entire program is built on the “Law of Numbers” and “averages” of working agents/brokers across the country and has a proven track record of more than 25,000+ satisfied AGP users.

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