Agent Assist – The Goal Planner

Brad Andersohns Agent AssistAgent Assist has a module called “The Goal Planner” which was originally developed to help Brokers set goals for their agents. The Goal Planner portion of the application is one of the most valuable segments of Agent Assist.

Here’s how it works:

Just enter 5 fields of information and in 30 seconds, you’re done. 1. Enter the average sales price of the homes you will be selling. 2. Enter your commission split by a percentage amount (ie 70%) 3. Enter how many weeks you’ll take for vacation. 4. Enter how many days you’ll work and how many hours per day. 5. Enter your desired income to make in Real Estate.

Goal Planner will automatically calculate exactly how many homes you’ll need to sell to reach your desired income goal. It will also calculate how many contacts you will need to convert to appointments, and how many appointments you’ll need to convert to closings.

The calculation is based on the NAR statistic that says it takes 35 contacts to get 1 appointment, and it takes 4 appointments to close 1 sale. These numbers can all be modified and manipulated to best create a “Goal Plan” that works for you. For a sample of the Goal Planner portion of Agent Assist, Just Click Here

There are other great modules included in Agent Assist that we’ll cover later in this site. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments or concerns about our program. Our goal is to help you achieve your goal, with Agent Assist, we can.