Goals, Actions, Time, and Productivity

These are the four most important elements and keys to YOUR success.

“Agent Assist is a straight forward application that has allowed me to not only create a road map to obtain my goals, it has allowed me to track my business in ways that have built wealth beyond my imagination.

By tracking my sales in Agent Assist, I now know where to invest my marketing dollars for the very best returns. Agent Assist is a MUST HAVE tool if you’re in Real Estate!”

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MaryAnne Culpepper – Coldwell Banker


Setting goals is the first step of reaching any desired success. Seeing and knowing your goals without an action plan is useless. Action plans are not enforceable without good time management skills. Productivity is based on the ability to manage your time, implement your action plan, and stay true and focused to your goal.

So why are these 4 components so important to your personal success?  Lets break it down. The goal (your reach, the purpose, the end result) is recognized at the beginning of a desired quest. The action plan (the steps required to reach the goal) are most likely to experience procrastination due to their perceived complexity.

Add to this equation, time management (which includes personal time, clients time, business time, and life time) makes productivity even more difficult and challenging. Action items and time management can limit and prohibit you from your own success. YOU can be your worst enemy if you’re not careful.



Real Estate Financial Goal Planning

Setting your real estate financial goals should be the very first thing you do before attempting to get into the real estate business and industry.

Without a plan, a business strategy, and without financial goals, it will most certainly be difficult to experience success and a challenge to know where you’re going.

  • It’s like driving across the country without a map.
  • It’s like going to a grocery store without a list.
  • It’s like walking into the forest on a pitch black night without a flashlight.

Using this custom and unique method to determine how many contacts and appointments you’ll need based on others’ success will help you to find and achieve your financial goals.

Let’s take a peek at how it all works…

Agent Goal Planner Buy-Now

Setting Your Financial Goals and Strategic Plan in Today’s Real Estate Market

This video will walk you through how to create and setup your goals using the Agent Assist Goal Planner application.  The very first step is to create a realistic and visual map of how you plan to succeed, not only in today’s Real Estate market, but in any Real Estate market no matter what condition that market is experiencing.  By using some of these simple tools and strategic skills, anyone can achieve their desired financial goals in Real Estate.


Remember: It takes contacts to get appointments, and it takes appointments to close real estate transactions. Don’t get distracted by all the cool and online tools available today, focus on “THE GOAL” which is your overall financial success. Use this simple yet magic formula and you can not fail!