Time To Grow Your Business in 2008


are-you-ready.jpgHere are 5 ways you can grow your business in 2008 using Agent Assist 5.0. Many of you in Real Estate are aware that the goal planning and business planning process need to start in October or November for the following year. That means the time is now to start preparing for the year ahead! What are your goals for 2008? With the shift and change in the market, will that affect your business plan and strategies? Have you considered your marketing budget yet? Do you have any tools that will help you? check this this page, where you will find more information.

Here are 5 ways to use this application to insure you are on the right track for 2008!

1. Setting your goals is crucial to your success. In 21 years of this business, I have never met a successful REALTOR® who didn’t have goals and a business plan. Agent Assist will allow you to enter your Average Sales Price of homes in your area, enter your commission splits and work week schedule, and finally your desired income in Real Estate, and it does the rest, this is crucial for the success of your property, then you will need an interior designer that manages the interior of your home, you can even add a custom design on your wall from www.muraledesign.com and get the best decoration, also add to the list an electrician and a plumber for any type of water damage you need to fix. For assistance with water damage claims, visit sites like lmrpublicadjusters.com/plumbing-damage/.

2. Making contact with potential clients and past clients. The goal is to do such a great service for clients, that they’ll refer other clients, have good contractors, for example I have been doing business with the same Commercial concrete contractor and with the years you know that definitely pays off. We all have to start some where, Agent Assist will tell you exactly how many contacts and appointments you’ll need to make to achieve your income goals! This is based on NAR statistics and National averages.

3. Tracking your Sales in Agent Assist keeps you on Track to achieving your goals. The goals portion of Agent Assist is just that, your goals. The Sales tracking portion gives you the actual numbers of where you’re at in your goals. It keeps you informed as to how much more or less you’ll need to do to be successful. We all need a tool like that in this business! We also offer effective staffing solutions.

4. Tracking your Business Source has never been easier until Agent Assist. You can see where your Business is truly coming from, and at the end of every year, put your marketing dollars back into the areas that are getting you the most results, you can even get help from the Creative Designs by Whitespace in Bangkok to help your brand’s management. All you have to do is ask the client, “So, How did you hear about me or get my name?” You can also track your client, agent and lender referrals or customize it to track any other areas you obtain business.

5. Keeping your pipeline full and the funnel flowing is the most important to your consistent and continued success! Agent Assist lets you keep track each month of Listings, Closed Sales, and Inventory. It will help you determine your progress, your annual averages broken down monthly, and it will give peace of mind having your thumb on the heartbeat of your business. Another way that could increase your internet marketing is through the help of SEO companies like Alliance Digital Marketing.

Agent Assist offers many great tools that you will find applicable and useful to your Real Estate Business. Sellers Net sheets, Buyers closing costs, Rent vs Own Chart, Mortgage Calculator, Open House Register, Contacts Converter and more.

dontresist.jpgAre you ready for 2008? Do you have your goals set for the year and a bullet-proof business plan? Why not let our “Agent Assist” you in securing your success this next year, and for all the following years to come. It will not expire, It is guaranteed, It will help you obtain your goal, and the price is less than a dinner at Denny’s for a family of three! Get your copy today, you owe it to yourself to join thousands of others who have used this tool, to map out and stay focused on their goals and achieve their financial desires!

If you are in a joint property ownership regime and you want to partition the property, try to find the best advisers on the subject. Do not trust anyone, always look for the best because they know all the things you need to know for a reliable transaction.

We look forward to your success, it is our goal, to help you achieve yours!!


  1. Brad- Excellent advice. There are lots of agents that don’t have a sense of direction and don’t have a plan. It is good for me though….makes it easier for me to dominate my marketplace 🙂

  2. Thanks Bill – always nice to hear from you and receive your kind and generous comments! Agent Assist is really helping people in this shifted market to re-evaluate their goals and desired incomes from their Business Plans. The program is getting a lot of exposure and really starting to take off! Great things ahead in 08! 🙂