Lead and Contact Conversion

Leads and contacts come from a variety of online sources and locations. Many contacts, leads, and relationships are established and built on the Web. It takes contacts to get appointments, and you need appointments and clients to close transactions.

I recommend the following tips for best lead and contact conversion results.

  • Always respond quickly to online leads and contacts (3-5 minutes max)
  • Try to answer your phone when it rings as often as possible.
  • Your first question is: “ask how they prefer to communicate?”
  • Don’t give up on a contact/lead until 7-10 contacts are made.
  • Add, edit, manage, and update contacts, tasks, and follow-ups.
  • Timing is everything, don’t ever waste your time or theirs.
  • If they ask a question, answer it, then end by asking one in return.
  • Build better quality relationships, not bigger quantities of leads.
  • Always be listening and looking for opportunity to qualify a lead.
  • Get the appointment, meet in person, interview and get commitment

Having a good CRM or contact/lead management tool is an essential part of managing and following up with contacts you receive from the web and online sites and platforms.

The key to contact conversion and lead response management is to find and use the proper tools in which you can manage your existing clients and tasks, stay in contact with your past clients for future and referral business, while prospecting new clients to keep your pipeline balanced and flowing.

5 key areas of focus when prospecting and farming should include: 1) Best days to make contact 2) The best times to make contact 3) Response times 4) Personal persistence and 5) Response audits. Here’s an interesting study and infographic based on the research of James Oldroyd, PHD Ohio State University and David Elkington, CEO of InsideSales.com.

How To Succeed in Real Estate

There are only three things you need to be successful in real estate. Contacts, Appointments, and Closings.  If you know how much money you need to make in real estate to survive and live the lifestyle you choose, then one third of the battle is over.

Lets face it, there are so many technology tools, social media platforms, lead generating websites and blogs, and so-called experts out there both on and offline trying to tell you how to be savvy and successful…

but if you can’t produce contacts, appointments, and closings… then forget about it!

The greatest tools in the world won’t produce anything if you don’t have a realistic and practical goal, an understanding of what it takes to reach that goal, and the skill-set to put into place a fool-proof plan of action that allows those tools to perform at their best.

Set realistic goals, then put together a road map and strategic plan, then can you achieve and exceed those goals. Passion, focus, communication and negotiation skills, follow-up, and hard work are the true non-material tools that will help you to succeed in real estate.

Building Your Business Bridge

“Don’t Burn Your Bridges” is a term everyone has heard before right?  This post is all about burning those half-built bridges so you can focus on the “business bridge” that needs to be built in order for you to be successful in real estate.

The first step in making any decisions in business or in life is to ask yourself and decide the answer to this very important question? Then be honest with yourself and your answer and take the following steps to success.

Do this everyday and you will never fail.
The next 3 minutes might make all the difference and could change your life!

Go Ahead, Bridge the Gap to your Success 
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